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Mission: Our mission is to educate, advocate for, and empower the military community, focusing on real estate ownership. Vision: We have a vision that includes helping military personnel achieve financial freedom by pursuing real estate transactions.

Our Core values:

  • Innovation – We will find new ways of doing old tasks
  • Proactivity - We will not react to circumstances, we will create them
  • Growth - We will work toward constant improvement
  • Enthusiasm - We will work with passion and energy
  • Team - We will be oriented toward the group, rather than the individual


Donation Tracker:


We will bring value to the military community with your support. Whether you are a renter, builder, investor, seller, or buyer… we believe you can have a major impact on military veterans who may be trending toward committing suicide or who might slip into homelessness. We are grieved when we see our military brothers and sisters in physical or mental stress.

And we believe that has been caused by the failure of the VA care system. To help mitigate this failure, we will donate 5% of all our profits to Veteran Service Organizations, which currently provide critical services to Armed Forces members of the past and present. Statistics indicate that on average, 21 soldiers commit suicide each day.

We are appalled by that number, and we are resolved to reduce it to ZERO.

We hope you will work with us in this cause.

By doing so, you will not only earn our gratitude but the gratitude of your country as well. Register now for our no-charge Real Estate Basic Training Course.